Save Govt School campaign Picks Up Momentum As Thousands Gather To Show Support At Freedom Park.

People from across the state demanded new “State Education Policy” and participated in an open discussion.

Led by 31-year old Anil Shetty, #SaveGovtSchool campaign has successfully crossed a two-lakh mark in two months, in terms of supporters giving a missed call to endorse the campaign and contribute to it.

Anil Shetty, an education reformist spoke in length about the state of public education system in Karnataka, and the apathy towards government schools. He called for establishment of quality education, provided free of cost until 12th grade, has to be the state’s responsibility. Welcoming CM Kumaraswamy’s decision to introduce English in public schools, he said “We are not fighting against anyone, we want to work with everyone to save our schools. Education is the single tool which can take people out of poverty and the state must ensure quality education to all. We are willing to support any govt whose priority is education.”

Mr. Prakash Anchan, an education rights activist who adopted a school in Doddalakadu, in Buntwala which had only 30 students, after improving quality and infrastructure enrolled more than 500 students has set an example by estalishing the school as one of the best in the area. He furthermore encouraged people to adopt government schools.

A state level campaign committee will be constituted in the near future to ensure every school delivers quality education.

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