Vission and Mission


  • To ensure free and quality education across all state-run government schools.
  • Quality education across all government schools by encouraging citizens to participate in the process of policymaking in the education sector.
  • To ensure a bright future for the children and to bring back the glorious old days of public education.


  • To achieve our vision, it is imperative that we build a people’s movement, by creating awareness about the importance of education and the fact that it is the state government’s duty to provide quality education in all public schools.
  • We intend to carry out a wide range of educational activities to encourage people to participate in education policymaking. We invite corporates and individuals to adopt government schools to develop them in a rather full-fledged manner.
  • Insisting the government revise the education policy according to the relevant and necessary changes remains one of the most important agenda for us.
  • We also aim to ensure a high standard of public education and the need to bring in transparency and accountability in the overarching education system.
  • We work to build leaders in the field of education who will work towards building sustainable efforts in transforming the educational system in Karnataka.