Actress Pranitha Subhash becomes “Education Ambassador“

Actress Pranitha Subhash becomes “Education Ambassador “ and commits to adopt school in Hasan district under Save Govt Schools Movement.

Announcement was made in a joint press conference held by Actress Pranitha Subhash and Lead Campaigner of Save Govt Schools movement Anil shetty.

Pranitha Subhash had earlier associated with Teach India initiative and voluntarily taught at govt schools. Taking her passion towards educating children forward now she has committed to adopt a govt school under Save Govt Schools movement and handed over Rs.5lakh cheque to the concerned people.

“Our team is working on adopting a govt school in Hasan district under Pranitha’s name and we will be rejuvenating that school to ensure better quality education for children “ said Anil Shetty

In future Save Govt Schools movement committee has decided to approach many more celebrities to adopt schools and become Education Ambassadors

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